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Junsun 10" 3G/4G Car DVRs ADAS Dash Cam Stream Rearview Mirror FHD 1080P Dual Lens GPS Video Recorder Camera Avtoregistrator

Item No.: A900P








  • 10 inch Full Screen Touch Operation, 100% Image View 

  • Advanced Streaming Media Technology Broaden View

  • Triple Wide Rearview,Clearer and Safer for Driving 

  • Unique Front Camera Design, Adjust The Best View of Driving

  • Remote Monitor & GPS logger tracking by DVR APP

  • 3G/4G SIM Card & Wifi Support,Enjoy Online Entertainment, More Fun 

  • Network band: 2G GSM (2/3/5/8); 3G WCDMA B1(2100);  4G   LTE:FDD 2100(B1)/1800(B3) TDD:2600(B38)/1900(B39)/2300(B40)/2500(B41)  

  • Car GPS Features: GPS Navigation /Bluetooth hands-free / WiFi /FM transmitter/Parking Reversing

  • 4G version device supports ADAS function

  • Car DVR functions: Dual camera /G-Sensor/ Loop Recording

  • Camera Lens: front cam: FHD 1920*1080P; rear cam: 640*480P

  • Main Menu Language: English, Russian 

  • Android OSD Language: English, Russian, France, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew and so on Multiple language  

  • GPS Navigation Mirror, Support Free Map Update

  • ​Universal Car GPS Mirror, Easy to Intsall and Fit on Most of Cars​





Wide rearview by streaming media technology


This is all new technology for rearview mirror dvr.Junsun A900 is equipped with this advanced

streaming media technology, makes the driving rear view more widely , it is triple wide view if compare to the normal mirror




3G/4G SIM Card & Wifi Support


        Thanks to 4G SIM card and built in wifi, no matter where you are driving, you will enjoy the fun from internet surfing , make it possible for online navigation/ music /movie ect . 

        Remarks: before you place the order, please kindly check whether your local SIM card network is below bands or not: 






ADAS Driving warning


> Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Drowsy or distracted driving greatly increases the chance of an accident on the road.  The LDWS will alert the driver when the vehicle goes off lane in a speed over 50 km/h.


> Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)

Accidents can be avoided by maintaining a safe following distance. Road Safety Warning System calculates the real-time distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, while driving above 30 km/h in expressways or under 30 km/h in a busy city, and issues a 3-level early warning to the driver depending on the danger of collision.


> Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW)

When your car is stopped at an intersection or in traffic, the intelligent guidance system informs you that the vehicle in front has started to move, preventing a delayed response just in case you stop looking ahead.








Remote Monitor on Car Assist APP


Remote Car Assist APP, check views on the mirror dvr by smart phone. 
Keep surfing Internet and remote monitor your car driving path. 
Download important videos and one Key to share beauties of car driving. 





car assist





Monitor and Alarm 

720P hpoto and 10s video alarm will be shortly (1-5s) send to your phone if a car collision happened. 24 hours to protect your car. It will send warning that "Car is shaking" to remiand you. 


GPS Track History

Car driving path will be recorded and real-time payback on car assist APP.


One Key Capture Video

One key to capture 10s video on car assist app via WiFi connection. When the car shakes, your phone would receive a warning and reminding. Press photo capture to take and send a photo automatically. 

Real-time to Check Your Car
Real-time to check your car location from home, office, or on trip. It needs both GPS and phone support 3G /4G Internet and the phone and GPS needs interconnected. 

One Key Share Car Life
Share your trip logger or interesting videos with friends. Read pictures and videos from other friends. 
Remarks: Please connect the dvr’s wifi hotspot  to  make sure your smartphone and the car dvr under the same network. 

How to use the " Car Assist " APP?

●Scam "Car Assist " code to install the APP.

●Turn on the WLAN of GPS and connect this wifi with your phone. 

●start the APP and interconnectd. 



●Both DVR's and phone's Internet are available. Need insert SIM card in the DVR.

●Make sure your phone and DVR was interconnected successfully.

●The DVR need connect car battery to support this remote moniter, please use an OBD to suply power when car is not start.   If needed, please choose the third option.  









We pre-install the map according to the address which you leave on aliexpress.

with the smoothly offline map you will never miss your way.we offer free map update




  • Detail​ed Maps with Free Updates
1, beautiful 3D landmarks, buildings,parks and mountains,help you find your
bearing in unfamiliar areas. Driving with Sygic GPS Navigation is both practical and enjoyable.

2, precise distance to each maneuver will guide you to your destination. If you
miss a turn our smart algorithm will immediately recalculate to get you back on your way.
  • Navigate Complex Interchanges with Ease  
Junsun GPS Navigation has lane assist with junction view that displays upcoming junctions and uses brightly colored arrows to indicate your proper lane. and easily navigate complex interchanges.
  • More Information at a Glance
The device keeps your driving map onscreen at all times and additional information appears alongside. For details, simply ask or touch the screen. As you drive your route, Up Ahead constantly informs you of nearby services, including fuel stations, hospitals .
  • About Installing maps
Support Europe / North America / South America / Southeast Asia / Middle East map (We will install map according to your address, such as: the United Kingdom, we will install the map of Europe)

Note: About the map, if you want to update the map, please contact us, we will upload it
to the "Drop box", please do not download in other places, otherwise it will damage the original map.
Update map time: once a year .





HD 1080P Camera


High-definition image sensor,the image of the delicate subtle,every detail is clearly presented,do not miss the details. Front camera: 1920*1080P, HD Rear view camera with 720P (Optional), and general rear view camera with 640*480. 




 Unique Design Flexible Front Camera

3cm longer adjustable front camera design, to assist drivers find the best view on the road. 



Front 5 Lanes and Rear 3 Lanes Cameras with Wide-Angle


Front camera for 5 lanes and rear camera for 3 lanes with wide field of vision. Using a large wide-angle lens,

viewing angle up to 140 °, high sensitivity, straight and detailed to restore the truth of the incident.





10 Inch Full Screen Dual Recording 


Front camera and back camera shoot simultaneously,reduce the blind field of shooting, not only shooting more clearly,

but also to ensure that the screen is not deformed. DVR front camera and rear camera can make recording at the same

time and have special two split view display.




3 Times Full Screen Rear View Camera


10 inch full csreen to display rear view, broaden horizons for reversing, safer and more convenient. 
When the car in Reverse Gear, this car DVR will automatically switch to the back-up camera image view.





Smart 24-hour Parking Monitoring is So Convenient


When you park the car in somewhere,turn on parking monitor function,it can recording the process when something happens to your car,such as stealing something from your car   (Need to connect OBD cable)  



Gravity Sensor


If a vehicle collision occurs, the build-in G-Shock sensor automatically locks the recorded video providing an accurate record of events. 




Seamless Loop Records Will not Leak Seconds


Automatic seamless video recording in loop to use the storage efficiently, with the earliest unlocked

video clips being overwritten when reaching the storage card's maximal capacity.






Bluetooth Handsfree


Thanks to bluetooth hands-free. Connect your smart phone and drv by bluetooth function,you could make and

receive calls directly from the mirror dvr itself with the built-in MIC and speaker. Make your hand free for safe driving. 




FM Transmitter


FM transmission function to connect car original speaker. you could synchronize the mirror dvr music to your car audio with ease. Just set a frequency on your FM and simply tune your car FM radio to the same frequency as set in the dvr to transfer the audio output of Music,Video, Voice Call, Video Call to your car speakers.















                      1.Power                    4.TF Card Clot 
        2.USB                       5.SIM 
        3.AVIN                      6.GPS




General Information 
Touch Screen 10 inch Capacitive Touch screen
System Android 5.0 
DVR functionality FHD 1080P Video
ROM 16GB(System will occupy 3GB)
Network band 2G GSM (2/3/5/8); 3G WCDMA B1(2100);4G   LTE:FDD 2100(B1)/1800(B3) TDD:2600(B38)/1900(B39)/2300(B40)/2500(B41)
DVR functions  Dual camera /G-Sensor/ Loop Recording
Bluetooth Hands-free Support
Voice command Support
WiFi Support
Parking Reversing Function  Yes, when you get your car in reverse parking, dvr will automatically switch to the rear camera image with parking line. 
Applicable Map  Navitel / Sygic / Google Map / Waze . ect.










1.This device can Only work by connecting the car power with original cables! Please don’t use it at home with your own power, or the device would be burn !!!
2.If you need to use USB to connect the computer, before this, the device must be connected to the power, and then connect the computer
3.When you insert the SIM card correctly, or can not access the Internet, please check whether the flow of 3G card

Q: How to enter SIM cards correctly. 
A:1. check the contact point of card slot, the SIM card with metal side need to connect the points. 
2. make sure SIM notch direction outward. 

Q: The device can’t touch well.
A: Please make sure connect car power to provide enough Voltage. If it still can’t touch well, it might be problem of touch screen. Contact us to solve it.

Q: Does the screen turn off but still have a sound?
A: Short press the power key to return to daytime mode

Q: videos open very slow in device but it can work well in computer.
A: The CPU of DVR and computer is different and it needs much time to recognize and read videos in DVR.

Q: speed of DVR is different from the true car speed.
A: Data will be delayed and deviation for different software to receive GPS satellite signal effect is not the same. Please leave 5km/h deviation here.

Q: Videos are locked and can’t open it. 
A: 1. please try to use another video player to try. 2. if you locked the video on DVR, please try to cancel lock.

Q: device can’t read the SD card, format it but can’t.
A: Plz understand, products with a small system (simple function like DVR only) need to format SD card in device; products with big system (Android system+GPS+DVR) need to format SD card in computer by [FAT32].

Q: can’t see the rear camera or can’t change rear camera.
A: there are many possibilities to cause this matter. Please check as our following tips.
1. please check if the cable works well first.
2. all rear cameras need to connect well before turn on  the device. Please try to turn on and connect rear camera first.
3. Please check if rear camera connect well. the camera cable should be put to right.
4. if the current not stable, the rear camera will disappear sometimes, please use a 2.5A power.
All products we suggest our customers have a test before installing.
If there is any favor we can do for you, please contact us.

Q: Can’t search the GPS satellite signals.
A: Make sure search the GPS signal at outdoor.
Please understand there is a misunderstand of using GPS module. It can't attach into the car glass.
Please put on the Center console to use. If you can't use at the first time,it needs about 3-5 minutes to search, please put down your car window and try.

Q: How to update map?
A: We will send you a link to update new map if there is new.

Q: Russia map can’t update online and map was locked.
A: Please understand that if you want to use the official map, you need to pay about $40 for update.
We suggest our customers use our original test map, it is free. If your map was locked, please unloading the map and install again.We can send you a test map.

Q: What's the dvr DC INPUT?
A: The car dvr only support DC 5V IN, please don’t connect with 12/24V Power directly, otherwise will burn the dvr’s mainboard. So, Please use car charger to plug into cigar lighter to power supply the car dvr. If you want to connect with 12/24V car battery directly, please buy the 5V convert adapter. Thank you.

Q: What type of Micro SD card use for car dvr?
A: Please use the High Speed Class 10 micro sd card. Before dvr recording recording, please format the new memory card firstly in dvr.

Q: After disconnect with Power, the dvr will automatically turn off?
A: Yes, dvr will automatically Turn ON / OFF accordingly when Power ON/OFF. And dvr main power supply is from car charger, not from built in battery, so dvr battery ‘s standby time is short. Please understand.

Q: Does the dvr support Parking reverse function?
A: Yes, if your car dvr support dual lens, when get your car in reverse gear, the dvr will automatically switch to the rear camera image with parking line.