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Junsun 5" Car DVR GPS 3 in 1 Radar Detector Russian Video Recorder anti radar for X K KA LA CT Registrar Rearview Mirror Camera

Item No.: L9
Brand Name Junsun
Type Fixed & Flow Velocity
Alarm Distance 800m
Interface AV-Out
Special Features GPS Location
OSD Language Russian, Russia, English
Style Hiden
Detection Mode Radar Signal And Gps Infromation Detection
Detect Distance wi
This GPS radar DVR mirror is based on a GPS orientation and anti-radar speed camera technology, which is combined with Russian fixed speed cameras data, it can remind drivers that there are speed cameras existence in advance, it can help drivers avoid being finded or score deduction, drivers can enjoy driving with precaution. extreme range super heterodyne technology ensures you won't be caught off-guard by hidden speed traps or pesky speed cameras, enjoy safety and pleasure drive.At the same time, it is also a DVR recorder, recording the driving situation for you.

3-In-1 Car Radar   Detector   DVR Mirror for Russia
> Car radar, DVR, and GPS Tracker in 1 item

> Operating Range: X, K, Ka,LA,CT,Strelka, Laser Band

> Customized for Russia. Applies to frequency bands in Russia

> Support Fixed speed / Mobile speed Broadcast

> Sensitivity Data: Nanotechnology, higher sensitivity and accuracy

> Anti-jamming:Signature algorithm to exclude faulty single

> Speedcam remind of no speeding and driving safely

> Manually set the warning distance to meet the needs of different buyers.

> 20.000.00 pieces speed cameras information, covers all over the country

> GPS Logger track the driving route on video palyer

> Support make a POI by yourself 


Car DVR Features

> 140 Degree wide angle for video recording

> Super 1080p @ 30fps   

> Loop Recording / G-sensor / Motion Detection

> WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) adjust exposure

> Supports SD card ,Maximum 32G ( Class 6 )


Warm Tips:

1. The Radar can ONLY work in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc. It can only use as a DVR in other counties. Please check carefully before ordering. 
2.The Radar waning can't be 100% accurate for different local bands and sensing of the chip. Radar date might can't cover all data, and we will try to update the date every year. Please understand and wait patiently. Try to make a POI by yourself when needed. Thank you. 
3.The radar must use the original car charger.   You can successfully to use the positioning function.