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Junsun Car DVR Camera Video Recorder
  • Junsun Car DVR Camera Video Recorder
  • Junsun Car DVR Camera Video Recorder
  • Junsun Car DVR Camera Video Recorder
  • Junsun Car DVR Camera Video Recorder
  • Junsun Car DVR Camera Video Recorder

Junsun Car DVR Camera Video Recorder

Item No.: S350
Wireless WiFi APP Manipulation FHD 1080p Novatek 96655 dvrs Dash Cam Registrator


Do not block the line of sight,  Take power from the fuse box, Integration with the vehicle. It will work when you start your car and stop when you unplug your car key, No built-in lithium battery, avoid battery explosion risk.


Car DVR Brief Introduction:

  • CPU : Novatek 96655 Chip

  • Screen Size : No screen / connection screen / WIFI phone screen

  • Phone WIFI control : Built-in WIFI communication module (using mobile phone directly connected WIFI technology)

  • APP client : Supporting APP client, support all Andrews, Apple system

  • Features : Dedicated hidden, WIFI intelligence, parking monitoring, collision sensors

  • Image resolution : 1920x1080P 30fps 、1280x720P 60fps

  • Camera pixels : 500Mega pixels

  • Camera pixels : 1200Mega pixels

  • Wide angle : 160 degrees

  • Aperture : Single lens F1.9 aperture

  • Storage : Using Micro SDHC Class10 (8GB-32GB) and mobile APP dual storage design

  • Loop recording : 1,3,5 minutes optional settings

  • Gravity sensor : Built-in three-axis G-Sensor, three sensitivity level settings

  • Seamless : recording Non-stop, no leak seconds of continuous video

  • Motion Detection : There are three levels of sensitivity setting

  • Playback function : Menu-driven playback

  • Video output : PAL / NTSC video output, can be accessed by car DVD display






Hidden installation, the original car clean





Wifi wireless Internet

Share a key to a variety of social platforms





Easily connect phone records to see at any time

Tachograph emit radio signals and cell phone WIFI wireless connection, do not consume flow through mobile phones can watch positive In real-time screen recording, playback or download stored in the history trim video recorder,synchronizing traffic trajectory.



APP control, a key share

Browse through APP shoot good video and photos to a key forwards circle of friends, microblogging, QQ, etc.,Let scenery along the way wherever you shoot to share.




APP installation

please scan the following QR code to download the ask “ ROROCAM ”



 And installate the ask, and let "ROROCAM to visit your photo in smart, hone and confirm OK If not you can not visit the photo taken by the car camera on phone.


 1080P HD picture quality 


1920 * 1080P resolution, 30 frames per second, Fine quality, colorful, smooth playback.




1080P HD picture quality 





Night effect clearly visible





Parking monitoring 

When the vehicle encounters a preset vibration, the Drive Recorder starts from Deep Sleep Record the video for 1 minute, then go to sleep again





160 degrees wide-angle

Viewing angle of up to 160, the use of large-angle can easily  monitor3 lanes to complete the video side of the accident



Loop recording

Automatically open the video, no need to set, automatically overwrite the original unlock video





Gravity sensing

When the car encountered a collision, it will lock the current video,automatically save the video, restore the scene of the accident, to avoid misuse to delete or overwrite.






Product real shot map           





 Packaging accessories 


 Product real shot effect map 





Hide the installation line

Vehicle safety power supply, do not destroy the original car line





Customer feedback picture



Hidden Car DVR


Screen Size

No screen / connection screen / WIFI phone screen

Phone WIFI control

Built-in WIFI communication module (using mobile phone directly connected WIFI technology)

APP client

Supporting APP client, support all Andrews, Apple system


Dedicated hidden, WIFI intelligence, parking monitoring, collision sensors

Image resolution

1920x1080P 30fps 、1280x720P 60fps

Camera pixels

500Mega pixels

Camera pixels

1200Mega pixels

Wide angle

160 degrees


Single lens F1.9 aperture


Using Micro SDHC Class10 (8GB-32GB) and mobile APP dual storage design

Video function

Loop recording

Loop recording

1,3,5 minutes optional settings

Gravity sensor

Built-in three-axis G-Sensor, three sensitivity level settings

Seamless recording

Non-stop, no leak seconds of continuous video

Motion Detection

There are three levels of sensitivity setting

Playback function

Menu-driven playback

Video output

PAL / NTSC video output, can be accessed by car DVD display

language settings

Multinational Language, the default with Chinese, English, Russian

recording function

The default is to turn on recording, menu selectable switch

Parking monitoring

When the car is subject to external impact, the system will automatically open the camera for 1 minute