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 Please Read Carefully 


1: Why the GPS does not have the satellite or sometimes GPS satellites search slowly?

A: Weather, High building, car protect film, outdoor or not will influence the GPS satellites searching, please go outdoor and open space to search satellites. And the first time GPS searching will take a bit long time than the second time, please kindly wait.


2: Why the map shows the other country (such as Europe map shows Russia)?

A: We have installed the map ,but we install the map by the continents,so when you use it, it will show one of the map in the continents, you just need to make sure it search the satellite successfully and type the address you want to go, then it will work .


3: Why the battery life is so short?

A: Because device's main power supply is from Car Charger plug into the Cigar Lighter, not from built battery. device's built battery just assistent the device normal working.

Note: you must use the original car charger,and then it will work.If you use other charger causing the product stop work,we do not bear any responsibility, please understand.


4: Why the device doesn’t have sound?

A: Please kindly check whether you have turn on the FM transmit function or not.if FM transmit turn on,then device will not have the sound.




5: What's the FM transmit function and how to use it?

A:The FM is transferred the sound from the device to the car stereo.You have to turn the FM frequency(which is not used usually) the same as car frequency,then the voice can come out through car audio.


6: Why the device only part of the memory can be used?

A: About the memory: memory and cache can not be used 100%, which is normal. Device firmware and map software will take up memory and cache, please understand!

(if the device built in 8GB: GPS can only display about 5GB of memory or less)

(if the device built in 16GB: GPS can only display about 12GB of memory or less)


7: When I change the language, why the device still have some English or Chinese?

A: GPS Android supports multiple languages, but cannot translate 100%. Still has some English or Chinese. Please understand! but do not worry, our device is very easy to be used, and if you have the trouble in understand the words, please contact with us, we will help you.


8: Why the device can not turn on or freeze?

A: if you use it in the wrong way,it may cause this, please try this:
Keep charging with the orginal charger for half an hour, then click“ reset”in the back of the device for five times in a row.


9: Why there is no instruction? why it is not the same with my device's ? does the instruction have the other language? do you have the PDF file instruction?

A: 1, before you buy it, check our page clear, if the the product accessories has the instruction, then we will send to you.

  2, The product's instruction is a generic version, it can be used the same model device, it is just for reference. 

  3, most of the instruction only have the English version now, and we do not have the PDF file instruction, but do not worry, if you have more problems, please feel free to contact with us, we will help you, because we are the best instructions, we can help you solve it more quickly!


  About GPS Navigation Map 


You buy the device, do not update the map, because the device is already the latest map.

Because the limited of device memory, we should install just one continent map usually, and we install maps according to customer's address information, if the customers have no extra request.


1: How can I update the map?

 A: When we update the map, we will upload it to the Dropbox, then we give you the link, also we will give you the install method.(note: all of the map update will be get from our dropbox, not from the other website)


2: How can I get the other map?

A: Because of navigator's memory limitation, we only install one map (for example: Europe map/North America map/South America map ect.) according to your address if you do not have the special request, so if you need the other map, please contact with us, we will give you the map and install method.


3: How to change the distance unit of the map?

A: you need to restore the map, then set the map,if you do not know,we will give you the video.

4: if the map can not find the address, what should I do?

A: our map is off line map, it can not have all the address, if you can not find the address, you can search the nearby address;

5: why when ipress the“navigation”/ Historical traffic/, the device will reboot?

A: this is normal, because the map not have this function, so when you press the button, then it will reboot;


About Maps update:  
We have up loaded all maps to “Dropbox” (Cloud Storage), and will update continuously. Map updates service is totally free for all customers which other sellers in Aliexpress don't have. We constantly work on innovating, staying ahead and keeping customers happy, do our best to solve customers' worries.
How to use the dropbox:
Please contact us if you need updates after ordering, we will provide you links and indicate how to install maps.

 step 1: 


 step 2: 

  Windows CE 6.0 System GPS Device 

1: The GPS Navigation no need network support?

A:Yes, we have already installed the map, just need to search the satellite successfully,then the GPS navigation will work.


2: Why the device can not connect to the wifi?
A: The product is WINCE version, it can not connect the Internet, I hope you can understand .


3: How to connect the Rear Camera?

A: Please connect the rear camera’s red line to the “+”of the car opposite lamp,the rear camera's black line connect to the “-”of the car rear lamp. When you adjust to opposite gear, the device will switches the screen automatically.


  Android System GPS Device 
1: How do I check the wince system navigator' RAM ?

A:  Please enter “Setting” ----Find “system” ---Find “Sysinfo”interface,there will show the RAM information.The RAM is 256GB, but we have installed the map,so there will be less than 256GB.

NOTE: this is the only way to check the RAM.


2: How to check the Android navigator’s RAM?

A: Please enter “settings”--- apps--running

If you see “RAM 358MB used and 119MB free”(358+119=504MB), it means the device is RAM 512GB;

it is the same way to check the RAM 256GB/1GB.


3: Why I cannot use the google play or other app store doesn't work in the device?

A:  1). Some app only support installed on Internal storage;

   2). Maybe the apk is not compatible with our device system version.

   3). Power management app black screen protection caused this, can uninstall this type app;

   4). Too many apps running at the same time , caused the cache is not enough, it will forced the apps stop working or install

   5). System caused this.


4: How can I install the apps?

A: We can not make sure the google play can be used, but you can try our method:

  1) you can download the apps from the computer, then install it in the device , it will work.

  2) or you can download the local apps store from the computer, then install it in the device, then you can download the other apps from this local app market.

Note:if you can not install the other apps or can not run the other apps, please check the cache or whether this app is compatible with our device!


5: Why when I run the apps , it is stop work?

A: when the device install and run the apps, it need the enough caches to support this, so when there is not enough cache, the apps will stop work. so you can do the follow method:

 1) go to the settings--apps-- to delete some apps that you do not need

 2) go to the settings--apps-- to clean the cache;

 3) close some apps, do not run too many apps at the same time;


6: Why the device shows enough memory , but the apps can not be installed?

A: Because the device is also Android device, as like android smartphone/tablet pc, it’s firmware only set up RAM available for application installation, and you can not change the RAM. and the other memory is available for GPS data and files storage, it just not for application install.


7: Why the Android GPS is working slowly?

A: GPS navigation is professional automotive supplies, we do not suggest you use  it as the tablet, please do not download too much other software, such as: games, videos, software and so on. Because it will cause the device to run slowly, we suggest you use a smart phone to download the software, please understand.


8: Why the radar not work? how to make it work?

A:1) As Radar detector there’re many different reasons cause problem, like different local frequency, or sensing chip and some other objective reasons,so we can not make sure the radar can work in each area, so before you make the order, please consider clear!!!

 2) make the device search satellite success---then open the radar detector program(yfgo), it will work.


9: When I use the DVR, why it ask me insert the card? which card is needed?

A: 1) All of the DVR need to insert the TF card, then it will work.

  2) As the DVR is very strcit with a memory card, we recommend you use the high speed class10 and 16-32GBTF card, then the DVR will work smoothly. Because the low speed card may appear freezing when record. If DVR could not identify the memory card, please format the memory card in computer first, and then format it in DVR for 2 times, or change the good quality TF card.


10: How the rear mirror connect the Rear Camera?

A: Please connect the rear camera’s Red Wire with your car opposite Lamp Power’s Positive Pole .And other side connector,please plug into DVR AVIN port.

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