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  Please Read Carefully  

1. The function of DVR's GPS must be used outdoor, search for satellite and looking for the location 

2. memory can not use 100%, which is normal. The device's firmware uses memory, please understand.

3. Do not use the polarizer (CPL) at night or on rainy days. 

4. DVR recording on the results, it is difficult to meet all the requirements, if the sound quality of any doubt, we do not accept any controversy, please understand.

5. a TF card slot, support 32GB SD card (it is the maximum), when you use the DVR, you need to insert a SD card (recommended use a TF card -10 class. Because the low speed card may appear freezing when recording)

6. we will not provided the firmware for all Android mirrors.

7. The product specification is a generic version, for reference only, please refer to the page or contact us for assistance.

8. If you want to watch the video recorded by DVR on your computer.

1)if you got the CD from us ,then use the CD in the video player
2)or you can insert a memory card reader, and then read the card on the computer.  

9, Why is the battery life so short?

As the DVR's small size, so the DVR battery capacity is small, when use it , you need to connect the car charger.
Please note that you must use the original car charger, then it will work. If you use other chargers lead to the product to stop working, we do not assume any responsibility, please understand.



10. how can I turn on the DVR?

you need to do it like this.

1) turn off the car, use the Test pencil to check which one will make the Test pencil light, and then this one is for the yellow cable,
2) turn on the car, use the Test pencil to test, which one will make the Test pencil light, then this one is for the red cable.
3) you can charge the black cable to any where (such as ground cable);

11. how to use the device with WIFI?

1) before you use it, you need to choose the good quality card, we suggest you use the 10 class card. a TF card slot, support 32GB SD card (maximum)
2) before you use it, you need to download the apps, and the apps in the box, you can scan it. and it is support the andriod 4 and the iphone
3) when you turn on the DVR ,if the green and blue LED light flash in turn,it means your phone will conect to the DVR;
4) make sure the 1 、2、3, the device will work well here is the video how to use the DVR:


PS: As the DVR is very strict with a memory card, we recommend you use the high speed class10 and 16-32GB TF card, then the DVR will work smoothly. Because the low speed card may appear freezing when record. If DVR could not identify the memory card, please format the memory card in computer first and then format it in DVR for 3-4 times ,or change the good quality  TF card.

The DVR name is : junsun_38a28c0f390b

The pass word is : 12345678

About H6 DVR


12. How to connect the rear camera? And where to connect the red line?

A: please refer to this:


 The red line is connected to the positive(“+“) of the reversing lights

 please have a try.

13. how can i turn off the voice when i drive the car?

A: see my picture, you just need to turn off this function--- FCWS:


14. why the device not support the loop recording?

A: it support the loop recordings , you can try to format the card for 3-4 times in the device ;
and please set the low or close the G-sensor (about the G-sensivity: when you car has the collision, the dvr will store the video in emergency, and this video will be locked, it will not be delete auto.), see my picture:


15. Why the device do not turn on?
if you use it in the wrong way, it will cause this;
please try this: please charge it in the car for half an hours, then click “reset” in the back of the device  for  five times in a row. 


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